The alliance of two associations, Computer Applications Association and Computational Sciences Association of PSG College of Technology presents the 13’th edition of THIRAN, which has active participation from the various departments within the college every year. An Arena all set to explore the diverse talents in you is coming your way yet another time. We are here to felicitate the prodigy in you. Exhibit your expertise across all dimensions. Equip yourself to compete, stand-out and be the best in the crowd. Ignite your creativity, fuel your ideas, Sharpen your skills, Fine tune your eminance and redifine victory in your terms.


Two associations of PSG Tech, the Computer Applications Association and the Computational Sciences Association come together to bring you the 13'th edition of Thiran, an intra-collegiate technical event. Thiran isn't simply a bid to find the technical nonpareil of PSG Tech, it also endeavors to be a platform where participants will be tested on their ability to think on their feet and outside the proverbial box. Every year, a heady combination of departmental pride and the pressure to prove oneself leads to an exhilarating clash between the best of PSG Tech. This year, the stakes are higher, the questions more challenging and the competition more intense. So, are you ready?


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